SynchronizedLifetimeManager Class

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Base class for Lifetime managers which need to synchronize calls to GetValue().

Namespace:  Microsoft.Practices.Unity
Assembly:  Microsoft.Practices.Unity (in Microsoft.Practices.Unity.dll)


Public MustInherit Class SynchronizedLifetimeManager _
    Inherits LifetimeManager _
    Implements IRequiresRecovery
public abstract class SynchronizedLifetimeManager : LifetimeManager, 
public ref class SynchronizedLifetimeManager abstract : public LifetimeManager, 
public abstract class SynchronizedLifetimeManager extends LifetimeManager implements IRequiresRecovery


The purpose of this class is to provide a basic implementation of the lifetime manager synchronization pattern.

Calls to the GetValue() method of a SynchronizedLifetimeManager instance acquire a lock, and if the instance has not been initialized with a value yet the lock will only be released when such an initialization takes place by calling the SetValue(Object) method or if the build request which resulted in the call to the GetValue method fails.

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