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IRegion.Add Method (Object, String, Boolean)

Adds a new view to the region.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Regions
Assembly:  Microsoft.Practices.Prism (in Microsoft.Practices.Prism.dll)


IRegionManager Add(
    Object view,
    string viewName,
    bool createRegionManagerScope
Function Add ( _
    view As Object, _
    viewName As String, _
    createRegionManagerScope As Boolean _
) As IRegionManager


  • createRegionManagerScope
    Type: System.Boolean
    When truetrue (True in Visual Basic), the added view will receive a new instance of IRegionManager, otherwise it will use the current region manager for this region.

Return Value

The IRegionManager that is set on the view if it is a DependencyObject.

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