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Specifies registration information for a component.

typedef struct _MSOCRINFO {
   ULONG cbSize;
   ULONG uIdleTimeInterval;
   DWORD grfcrf;
   DWORD grfcadvf;


  • cbSize
    The size, in bytes, of the MSOCRINFO structure.

  • uIdleTimeInterval
    The interval time, in milliseconds, of when a periodic idle phase should occur. During the idle phase, the component needs to perform idle-time tasks. This member applies only if the msocrfNeedPeriodicIdleTime bit flag is registered in the grfcrf member.

  • grfcrf
    Bit flags composed from the values in the following table.

    Bit flag


    msocrfNeedIdleTime = 1

    The component needs idle time.

    msocrfNeedPeriodicIdleTime = 2

    The component needs idle time every n milliseconds.

    msocrfPreTranslateKeys = 4

    The component must process keyboard messages before translation.

    msocrfPreTranslateAll = 8

    The component must process all messages before translation.

  • grfcadvf
    Bit flags composed from the Msocadvf enumeration.

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