Developing Client/Server Solutions with Microsoft Access 2000 Projects

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Acey J. Bunch and Mark Roberts
Microsoft Corporation

February 2000

Applies To: Microsoft® Access 2000

Summary: This article provides an introduction to Developing Client/Server Solutions with Access 2000 Projects, an online book that explains in detail how to create and work with Microsoft Access project (.adp) files. (1 printed page)


Welcome to Developing Client/Server Solutions with Access 2000 Projects! This online book will serve as your guide as you begin learning about the new Microsoft® Access 2000 feature called Access projects. Access projects (.adp files) are a robust way of developing true client/server applications by using Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE), and all right from the Access user interface. With this technology, you can now natively connect to a SQL Server back-end database and develop it right in Access.

As you read through the chapters that make up this online book, you will be developing a sample application called State University. This application will be used by a fictitious computer-training company to track its courses, students, instructors, materials, and enrollment.


Chapter 1: Understanding Microsoft Access 2000 Client/Server Development

Chapter 2: Implementing Microsoft Access 2000 Client/Server Databases

Chapter 3: Building Microsoft Access 2000 Client/Server Applications

Appendix 1: The State University Application Architecture

Appendix 2: Additional Resources for Working with Microsoft Access 2000 Projects

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