SP.List.addItem(parameters) Method

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Creates a new list item in the list.

var value = SP.List.addItem(parameters);



Type: SP.ListItemCreationInformation

Return Value

Type: SP.ListItem

Applies To

SP.List Class


  • [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException]
    Folder for the new list item does not exist or the current user lacks permissions to the folder. Error code: -2130575312. The leafname contains an invalid character. Error code: -2130575245.
  • [System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException]
    ListItemCreationInformation.UnderlyingObjectType is not valid. Error code: -2146233086.
  • [System.UnauthorizedAccessException]
    The current user has insufficient permissions. Error code: -2147024891.

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