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Group Policy for SharePoint Workspace 2010


Applies to: Office 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-07-15

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When Group Policy settings are applied to an Active Directory organizational unit, you can use them to customize an installation of Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010. A collection of Group Policy settings, which is known as a Group Policy object (GPO), is tied to a rules engine that determines which Active Directory group receives related policy settings. SharePoint Workspace–specific Group Policy settings can found in the groove.adm file.

For more information about how to access and use the Group Policy feature, see Group Policy overview (Office system) ( and Enforce settings by using Group Policy in the Office system (

For more information about how to customize deployments, see Configure and customize SharePoint Workspace 2010.

The following table lists and describes GPOs that affect SharePoint Workspace 2010 installations.

Group Policy object Description Default value or undefined value

Prohibit Groove Workspaces

Prohibits use of Groove workspaces and Shared Folders. Limits SharePoint Workspace use to SharePoint workspaces only.


Enable IPv6

Enables IPv6 for SharePoint Workspace.


Prefer IPv4

Indicates that IPv4 is preferred over IPv6 if both are supported on client computers.


Prevent Indexing Certain Paths

Prevents Windows Search 4.0 from crawling (creating indexes for) SharePoint Workspace content. This policy prevents Windows Search crawling for SharePoint Workspace, removes Search from the ribbon in SharePoint Workspace, overrides any user-initiated content crawling, and cleans the Windows Search index of previously indexed SharePoint Workspace content.

If this policy is not enabled, Windows Search indexing is enabled by default for the following SharePoint Workspace content:

  • Metadata for SharePoint workspaces and Groove workspaces for SharePoint Workspace 2010

  • Metadata for all Groove workspace tools for SharePoint Workspace 2010

  • The following Groove workspace content is for SharePoint Workspace 2010: Discussions, Documents, Notepad entries, chat transcripts, member messages, and custom lists.

If this policy is enabled, Windows Search does not crawl specified paths. The format for specifying a non-searchable path is as follows: Protocol://site/path/file and SharePointWorkspaceSearch must be entered as the search protocol.

For example, the following entry prevents indexing of any SharePoint Workspace content for all users on target SharePoint Workspace computers:


For more information about the Prevent Indexing Certain Paths GPO, see Group Policy for Windows Search (


This setting is a Windows Search policy that affects SharePoint Workspace 2010.

For more information about Group Policy for Windows Search, see Windows Search Administrators Guides (


Sync Only On Domain Network

Requires a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection for SharePoint Workspace clients trying connect to SharePoint Server 2010 from outside the organization’s intranet.


This setting is a SharePoint Server 2010 custom policy that affects SharePoint Workspace 2010.


SharePoint Workspace Account Configuration Code Required

If you use Groove Server 2010 Manager to manage SharePoint Workspace, use this policy to require that a managed account configuration code be entered, manually or automatically, to create a SharePoint Workspace account. This prevents users from creating unmanaged SharePoint Workspace accounts.

For information about Groove Server 2010 and automatic account configuration, see Deployment for Groove Server 2010.


Groove Server Manager Name

If you use Groove Server 2010 Manager to manage SharePoint Workspace, use this policy to specify the Groove Server 2010 Manager server name to which users are assigned. This attribute supports automatic SharePoint Workspace account configuration or restoration, and migration of unmanaged accounts to managed accounts. For information about how to migrate unmanaged accounts to Groove Server 2010 Manager, see the Migration section of Operations for Groove Server 2010 Manager.


Groove Server Manager Valid Link Security

If you use Groove Server 2010 Manager to manage SharePoint Workspace, use this policy to ensure a trusted SharePoint Workspace-to-Manager communication link. When this requirement is enabled, the presented Groove Server Manager SSL certificate must be valid to enable SharePoint Workspace-to-Manager communication.


Maximum Number of Proxy Connection Failures to Groove Server Relay

If you use Groove Server 2010 Manager to manage SharePoint Workspace, use this policy to limit the number of failed proxy connection attempts to a Groove Server Relay by the SharePoint Workspace client. When the limit is reached, additional proxy connection attempts to the Relay server are abandoned.


List of Blocked Groove Relay Servers

If you use Groove Server 2010 Manager to manage SharePoint Workspace, use this policy to prevent SharePoint Workspace clients from initiating communications to listed Groove Relay servers that are known to be permanently decommissioned. The format is a comma-separated list of fully qualified domain names of Relay servers. Wildcards in the names are supported. The question mark (?) is for single character substitution and the asterisk (*) is for domain part substitution.