How to: View Notification Services Version Information

Notification Services stores the version and edition of Notification Services used to create, update, or upgrade the instance in the instance database, and stores the version used to register the instance in the Microsoft Windows Registry. When you migrate an instance of Notification Services, this information is updated.

If the version in the Windows Registry and the instance database do not match, the instance of Notification Services does not start. If you have trouble starting the instance after migration, verify the version and edition information using the procedure below.


To view product and registry version

  • In Object Explorer, right-click Notification Services and select List Versions.

    The List Versions dialog only shows instances that are registered locally. The instance version number is the version in the instance's registry entry.


On servers where Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is not installed, run nscontrol listversions from the Notification Services Command Prompt.

To view the database version

  1. In SQL Server Management Studio, click the New Query button and select Database Engine Query.

  2. In the Database Engine Query window, run the following query, replacing instanceDatabase with the name of the instance database and replacing instanceSchema with the name of the instance schema.

    USE [instanceDatabase];
    SELECT Top(1) *
    FROM [instanceDatabase].[instanceSchema].[NSVersionInfo]
    ORDER BY [VersionId] DESC;

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