nscontrol listversions Command

Displays information about the installed versions and the registered instances of Microsoft SQL Server Notification Services.


nscontrol listversions 
    [-name instanceName]
    [-version versionNumber]


  • -nologo
    Suppresses the product and version statement that appears when you run an nscontrol command.
  • -help
    Displays the command syntax.
  • -nameinstanceName
    Specifies the name of an instance of Notification Services. When you provide an instance name, nscontrol displays only the information for that instance and does not display version information. Otherwise, nscontrol displays information for all instances.
  • -versionversionNumber
    Specifies a Notification Services version number. When you provide a version number, nscontrol displays information for that version and for all instances that use that version. Otherwise, the information for all installed versions is listed.

    The version number is specified in four parts, such as


If neither the -name nor the -version argument is used, then the information for all versions and instances is listed.

The version information that is reported refers to the installed versions of Notification Services, not to the version information that is stored in each instance database.


The account used to run nscontrol listversions must have permissions to execute Notification Services binary files. This permission is granted to local Administrators, Power Users, and members of the SQLServerNotificationServicesUser group.


The following examples illustrate two ways to display version and instance information.

A. Displaying all available version and instance information

This example displays information about all installed versions and instances of Notification Services that are registered on the computer:

nscontrol listversions

B. Displaying version information for a single instance

This example displays information for an instance of Notification Services named StockInstance. The instance must be registered on the computer:

nscontrol listversions -name StockInstance

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