Setting Logins and Passwords When Creating Publications

This topic covers the following areas related to creating publications:

  • Publication access list (PAL)
  • Snapshot agent
  • FTP snapshot delivery
  • Log Reader Agent (for transactional publications)
  • Queue Reader Agent (for transactional publications with queued updating subscriptions)

For information about the permissions required by each agent, see Replication Agent Security Model.

Publication Access List (PAL)

Logins and groups are given access to publications through the PAL. Manage the PAL through SQL Server Management Studio or programmatically:

For more information about the PAL, see Securing the Publisher.

Snapshot Agent

There is one Snapshot Agent for each publication.

FTP Snapshot Delivery

If you specify that snapshots should be made available through an FTP share rather than a UNC share, you must specify a login and password when configuring FTP access:

Log Reader Agent

There is one Log Reader Agent for each database published for transactional replication.

Queue Reader Agent

There is one Queue Reader Agent for all Publishers and publications (that allow queued updating subscriptions) associated with a given Distributor.

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