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Reporting Services Programming

SQL Server Reporting Services offers several programming interfaces that you can leverage in your own applications. You can use the existing features and capabilities of Reporting Services to build custom reporting and management tools into Web sites and Windows applications, or you can extend the Reporting Services platform.

Extending the Reporting Services platform includes creating new components and resources that can be used for data access, report delivery and more. You can market these components and resources to companies that are using Reporting Services in their organization.


Reporting Services include programming samples and tutorials to help you get started. For more information, see SQL Server Reporting Services Samples and Reporting Services Tutorials.

In This Section

Topic Description

Introducing Reporting Services Programming

Introduces the Report Server Web service, URL access, WMI programming, and extensibility.

Integrating Reporting Services into Applications

Provides an overview of how to use Reporting Services to integrate reporting into custom applications. Describes when to use direct URL access and when to use the Web service to access the report server.

Report Server Web Service

Provides an overview of the Report Server Web service, a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API.

URL Access

Describes how to use URL-based requests for accessing and running parameterized reports.

Reporting Services Extensions

Describes how to extend Reporting Services by developing custom data processing and delivery extensions.

Understanding Code Access Security in Reporting Services

Describes how to use .NET Framework Code Access Security for your extensions and custom assemblies in Reporting Services.

Using Custom Assemblies with Reports

Describes how to use custom assemblies with Reports by including code references within the report definition.

Report Definition Language

Contains reference topics for the RDL elements and describes how to generate RDL programmatically.

Reporting Services WMI Provider

Contains reference topics for the Reporting Services WMI Provider classes and describes.

Reporting Services Managed Programming Reference

Contains reference topics with detailed information about the Reporting Services SOAP API and the extensibility API.

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