Delivering Reports Through Subscriptions

SQL Server Reporting Services distributes reports through subscriptions. Reporting Services provides two ways to deliver reports. You can send reports through e-mail, or deliver reports to a file share on the file system. When you create a subscription, you specify which delivery mode to use.


Report delivery is an extensible part of Reporting Services architecture. Third-party vendors can create custom delivery extensions to route reports to different locations or devices. For more information about custom delivery extensions, see Implementing a Delivery Extension. For more information about alternate ways of deploying reports, see Report Deployment Checklist.

The capability to create, delete, modify, and view a subscription depends on your role assignment. For more information, see Subscription and Delivery Availability.


Subscriptions are not supported in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services. For more information about features in this edition, see Reporting Services in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services.

In This Section

  • Subscription Overview
    Describes the types and components of a subscription, and scenarios for using subscriptions.
  • Data-Driven Subscriptions
    Provides information about using data-driven subscriptions to customize report output at run time.

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