Secure Operation (Database Engine)

Securing SQL Server includes maintaining a secure environment and following all best practices for system security. This page provides links to help you locate the information that you need in order to more securely operate and manage your SQL Server environment.

  • Securing SQL Server
    Provides a general overview of the process for how to help secure the SQL Server platform, and how to work with users and securable objects.

In This Section

  • Password Policy
    SQL Server provides several tools for configuring SQL Server features, connections, and services. This topic explains the tools that you can use to enable and disable features, such as stored procedures, Windows services, Web services, and remote client connectivity.

  • Strong Passwords
    These topics discuss various security standards and how you can implement these features in SQL Server.

  • Security Tasks (SQL Server Express)
    This topic provides information about how to help secure SQL Server Express.

  • SQL Server Certificates and Asymmetric Keys
    Certificates are secure objects that can "sign" other objects and connections. This section describes certificates and how to implement them.

  • SQL Server Encryption
    Encryption is the process of changing data through use of an algorithm to hide its original meaning. SQL Server can use encryption for connections, code, and data. This section explains how to implement encryption in SQL Server.

  • Auditing (Database Engine)
    SQL Server can track changes or access to the system and its databases. This section explains how to implement auditing in SQL Server.

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