How to: Configure Web Synchronization for Merge Replication (SQL Server Management Studio)

To use Web synchronization for replication, follow these steps:

  1. Configure a publication to allow Web synchronization.

  2. Configure the computer that is running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to synchronize subscriptions. IIS version 5.0 and IIS version 6.0 are supported.

  3. Configure one or more subscriptions to use Web synchronization.

Before you configure Web synchronization, we recommend that you read "Security Best Practices for Web Synchronization" in Configuring Web Synchronization. For more information about Web synchronization security, see Security Architecture for Web Synchronization.

Configuring the Publication

To use Web synchronization, first create a publication in the same way that you would for a standard merge topology. For more information, see Publishing Data and Database Objects. If you are using a Publisher for the first time, you must also configure a Distributor and a snapshot share. The Merge Agent at each Subscriber must have read permissions on the snapshot share. For more information, see Configuring Distribution and Securing the Snapshot Folder.

After the publication is created, enable the option to allow for Web synchronization.

To configure a publication to allow Web synchronization

Configuring the Computer That Is Running IIS

Web synchronization requires that you install and configure IIS. After you enable a publication, configure the computer that is running IIS to support Web synchronization. For a more information about IIS installation, see the IIS documentation.

To configure IIS for Web synchronization

Configuring the Subscription

After you enable a publication and configure IIS, create a pull subscription and specify that the pull subscription should synchronize by using IIS. (Web synchronization is supported only for pull subscriptions.)

To configure a subscription to use Web synchronization