How to: Configure a Subscription to Use Web Synchronization (SQL Server Management Studio)

The procedure in this topic is the third step in configuring Web synchronization for merge replication. You perform this step after you enable the publication and configure Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). For an overview of the configuration process, see How to: Configure Web Synchronization for Merge Replication (SQL Server Management Studio). After you complete the procedure in this topic, synchronize the subscription you created. For more information, see How to: Synchronize a Pull Subscription (SQL Server Management Studio).

To configure a pull subscription to use Web synchronization, use the New Subscription Wizard, as described in the following procedure.


To run the New Subscription Wizard, you must have a SQL Server connection from the Subscriber to the Publisher. If the Subscriber can only connect through HTTP, configure the subscription by using stored procedures. For more information, see How to: Configure a Subscription to Use Web Synchronization (Replication Transact-SQL Programming).

To configure a subscription to use Web synchronization

  1. On the Merge Agent Location page of the New Subscription Wizard, select Run each agent at its Subscriber (pull subscriptions). For more information about how to use this wizard, see How to: Create a Pull Subscription (SQL Server Management Studio).

  2. On the Web Synchronization page, select Use Web Synchronization for each Subscriber that should use this synchronization method.

  3. On the Web Server Information page:

    1. Accept the default Web address that is specified when you configured the publication for Web synchronization, or enter a fully qualified URL for another instance of IIS.

    2. Select a type of authentication to use when connecting to IIS. You can only use a type of authentication that has been enabled for IIS through the Configure Web Synchronization Wizard or IIS Manager.

      We recommend that you use Basic Authentication with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is required, regardless of the type of authentication that is used. If you specify Basic Authentication, we recommend that you specify the same account for the connection to IIS as the account that you specified for the Merge Agent in this wizard.


      Basic Authentication is the method by which credentials are passed to the IIS. Using Basic Authentication does not affect the ability to specify Windows domain accounts for connections that are made to IIS. For more information about best practices for Web synchronization, see the section "Security Best Practices for Web Synchronization" in Configuring Web Synchronization.

  4. Complete the wizard.