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The Microsoft Expression Web SEO Checker helps you optimize the pages in your site for discovery and indexing by search engines. Pages that follow good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines rank higher in search-engine results, helping people find your site more easily.

When you generate a report, the SEO panel contains the following columns:

  • Page   Lists the page that contains an issue and the location of that page.

  • Line   Lists the number of the line in Code view that contains the issue.

  • Issue Type   Lists the type of issue, either Error or Warning.

  • Problem Summary   Describes the code error or the reason the code is incompatible with the schema. The content of this column also appears in a ScreenTip when you point at a row in the panel or when you point at the source of the problem in Code view.

To sort the list of results, on the Reports tab of the Site view, click the name of a column. To reverse a sorted list, click the name of the column again. You can also rearrange columns by dragging them.

SEO panel buttons

  • To open the SEO Checker dialog box, click Run SEO Checker w4_icon_seo_start.

  • To open the web page that contains the next or previous result in the list, and to highlight the issue, click Next Result w4_icon_seo_next or Previous Result w4_icon_seo_prev. To go to the next issue on an open page, press F9.

  • To recheck pages that were checked and have changed, click Refresh Changed Results w4_icon_seo_refresh.

  • To sort the list of results, click the name of the column that you want to sort by. To reverse a sorted list, click the name of the column again. To restrict the results to those that fit the criteria you select, click the down arrow Ff723996.902b6cbf-85c4-4847-9f11-103ef86cd882(en-us,Expression.40).png that appears in the heading of a column and select a criterion by which to filter the results.


    When the results of the report are filtered, the down arrow w4_icon_seo_sort_normal of the filtering column appears indented w4_icon_seo_sort_filtered instead of normal.

  • When you right-click a row, a shortcut menu provides the following additional options:

    • Go to Page   Opens the web page that contains the result and highlights the issue.

    • Problem Details   Opens the Problem Details dialog box, which contains more information about the selected issue.

    • Learn More   Opens the help topic for this issue type, which contains more details and suggestions about how to correct the issue.

    • Select Resulting Files in Folder List   Locates the selected pages in the Folder List panel.

    • Clear Results   Clears the results list.

    • Refresh Changed Results   Rechecks the specified pages that have changed.

    • Copy Selected Results   Copies the selected results of the report as a table.

    • Clear Filters   Clears all filter criteria and sets the Filter menu of every column to All.

To generate an SEO report

  1. Do one of the following:

    • With your site open, on the Tools menu, click SEO Reports. The SEO panel is displayed and the SEO Checker dialog box is displayed.

      Click Check to start generating the SEO report.

    • With your site open, on the Panels menu, click SEO. The SEO panel is displayed.

      Click w4_icon_seo_start to open the SEO Checker dialog box.

  2. In the SEO Checker dialog box, specify the pages that you want to analyze.

    • To specify all pages in a site, under Check where, click All pages.

    • To specify only the pages you have open, under Check where, click Open pages.

    • To specify pages from the Folder List, select the pages that you want to check, and then, under Check where, click Selected pages.


      If the Folder List is not available, on the Panels menu, click Folder List.

    • To specify the active page, under Check where, click Current page.

  3. Specify the types of items that you want to show in the SEO report.

    • To include items that are considered errors, select the Errors check box.

    • To include items that you may not have to adjust, select the Warnings check box.

  4. Click Check.

    The check may take some time to complete, depending on the options that you selected and the size of the site. The results are displayed in the SEO panel when then check is completed.

To apply a filter to an SEO report

  • In the SEO report, on the column label, click w4_icon_seo_sort_normal and select the filter condition that you want to apply to the list.


    The filter settings are saved when you close the site. If you can't find files in a new report, you may have filters applied from a previous session.

    You can create custom filters for your SEO report. For more information, see Customizing filters.

To remove a filter from an SEO report

  • Right-click anywhere in the report and then click Clear Filters.

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