TFSConfig Lab /Delete Command

Use the TfsConfig Lab /Delete option to remove all group hosts, library shares, and environments from a specified team project collection. By default, the associated objects in the System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) are not deleted. You can add the /External option to the command line to remove the objects from the project collection and from SCVMM.


The /Delete option works on all lab assets in a team project collection only when the /LibraryShare and /GroupHost options are not specified on the command line. For more information, see TFSConfig Lab /LibraryShare Commands and TFSConfig Lab /HostGroup Commands.

TfsConfig Lab /Delete 





Required. Specifies the name of the team project collection on the application tier of Team Foundation Server.


Optional. When specified, removes the library shares and host groups in SCVMM in addition to the objects in the team project collection. When /External is not specified, the TfsConfig Lab /Delete command only removes the objects in the team project collection.


Optional. When specified, does not display progress and success information.


Use the /Delete command to remove the lab assets from a project collection when you want to detach the lab configuration of a project collection. This is useful when moving a project collection from one Team Foundation Server (TFS) instance to another, and where the new Team Foundation Server instance uses a different SCVMM server than the original one. In this case, you will have to delete all the lab assets and reconfigure lab for the project collection.


In the following example, all lab objects in the DefaultCollection team project collection are removed. Because the /External option is not specified, the objects are retained in SCVMM.

tfsconfig lab /delete /collectionName:DefaultCollection 

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