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The virtual table is identified by the SymTagVTable symbol.


The following table shows additional valid properties for this symbol type.

Property Data type Description
IDiaSymbol::get_classParent IDiaSymbol* Symbol of the class that owns this VTable.
IDiaSymbol::get_classParentId DWORD ID of the class parent symbol.
IDiaSymbol::get_constType BOOL TRUE if the class of the VTable is marked as a constant.
IDiaSymbol::get_lexicalParent IDiaSymbol* Symbol of the enclosing compiland.
IDiaSymbol::get_lexicalParentId DWORD ID of the lexical parent symbol.
IDiaSymbol::get_symIndexId DWORD Index ID of symbol.
IDiaSymbol::get_symTag DWORD Returns SymTagVTable (one of the SymTagEnum Enumeration values).
IDiaSymbol::get_type IDiaSymbol* Symbol for the VTable's VTableShape.
IDiaSymbol::get_typeId DWORD ID of the type symbol.
IDiaSymbol::get_unalignedType BOOL TRUE if the class of the VTable is unaligned.
IDiaSymbol::get_volatileType BOOL TRUE if the class of the VTable is marked as volatile.

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