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This article is for the legacy Workplace Analytics app and does not reflect functionality available on the updated Viva Insights platform. Access current documentation for Viva Insights advanced insights here: advanced insights documentation.

These research-based behavioral insights show how your organization gets work done. Select a specific business outcome to see how your business is doing now and what actions you can take to help drive change.

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Business outcomes

Each of the following business outcomes has a page dedicated to analysis about your organization and research-based suggestions on how to maintain or drive change toward business success.

You can select Download PowerPoint to create and view a PowerPoint version of the following business outcomes. This enables you to share this valuable data with people in your organization who do not use the advanced insights app.

Business outcome Why it matters
Enhance organizational resiliency Small changes to collaboration practices can have transformative effects on organizational productivity at scale.
Boost employee engagement Employees with high job satisfaction and a strong sense of belonging are more likely to produce high-quality work, identify business opportunities and remain at the organization.
Improve agility Companies that redefine industries and lead markets are less bureaucratic and nimbly adapt to rapid changes in technology and customer needs.
Foster innovation Employees who share information, prioritize learning, and protect time for deep thinking generate the new ideas needed for success in rapidly evolving markets.
Develop effective managers Managers have a large impact on employee engagement, development, and performance, and are pivotal for driving organizational change.
Enhance operational effectiveness Small changes to collaboration practices can have transformative effects on organizational productivity at scale.
Accelerate change Slow adoption of new technology harms efforts to attract and retain top talent, improve productivity and can lead to market failure.
Transform meeting culture Meetings are essential for collaboration, however unnecessary meetings and bad practices can harm engagement and limit productivity.
Increase customer focus Companies that prioritize customer relationships and satisfaction grow revenue faster than competitors.

Analysis scope

The top right of the page shows who is included in this analysis. This data is based on the most recent organizational HR and collaboration data uploaded to and processed in Viva Insights, which includes the current date range and the number of measured employees, managers, teams, and organizational levels. See Organizational data and Microsoft 365 data to learn more about what data Viva Insights requires and uses for this analysis.

Supporting evidence

Each insight includes Supporting evidence that links you to related information, such as Microsoft Workplace Insights authored by:

  • Industry experts based on research
  • Organizations who have effectively used Viva Insights to improve their business outcomes

Take action

In the Take action section for each insight, select See your insights to see the most effective actions you can do now to drive change toward better business outcomes in your organization. For example, in Boost employee engagement > Increase frequency of coaching > See your insights, you'll see recommendations, such as scheduling recurring 1:1 meetings and how to enhance manager coaching with Viva Insights.

Take action for coaching.

Depending on your role, the following are available in addition to the recommendations within Take action.

  • Opportunity groups - Lists the groups who are affected and would benefit the most from these recommendations or a new Plan, which are based on your organizational data and industry research.
  • Explore the stats – Links to more advanced analysis, such as detailed charts for one or more of the recommendations.
  • Explore in Power BI - Links to Power BI reports for more advanced analysis for one or more of the recommendations.
  • Plans - Links to creating and tracking a Plan relating to one or more of the recommendations.

Organizational network analysis graphs

The organizational network analysis (ONA) graphs used for some of the Advanced visual insights use the influence metric to help you visualize and analyze relationships within your organization.

In these ONA graphs, each dot or node represents an employee. Node measurements are de-identified to maintain employee privacy. For details, see Organizational network analysis metrics.

Error states

When viewing Advanced insights, different error states can occur if access, connectivity, or other issues cause incomplete data. See Error state reference for more details.


Q1 How do these insights accommodate different partitions?

These insights are only about the participants who are included in the selected partition.

Q2 Which roles have access to these insights?

The analyst, limited analyst, and program manager roles can access these pages. People managers can only see insights about and data for their specific teams, see Manager insights for details.