IWMProfileManager interface

The IWMProfileManager interface is used to create profiles, load existing profiles, and save profiles. It can be used with both system profiles and application-defined custom profiles. To make changes to a profile, you must load it into a profile object using one of the loading methods of this interface. You can then access the profile data through the use of the interfaces of the profile object.

IWMProfileManager is the default interface of a profile manager object. When you create a new profile manager object using the WMCreateProfileManager function, you obtain a pointer to IWMProfileManager.

Note  When a profile manager object is created it parses all of the system profiles. Creating and releasing a profile manager every time you need to use it will adversely affect performance. You should create a profile manager once in your application and release it only when you no longer need to use it.


The IWMProfileManager interface has these methods.

Method Description
IWMProfileManager::CreateEmptyProfile The CreateEmptyProfile method creates an empty profile object. You can use the interfaces of the profile object to configure the profile. When you are done configuring the profile, you can save it to a string using IWMProfileManager::SaveProfile.
IWMProfileManager::GetSystemProfileCount The GetSystemProfileCount method retrieves the number of system profiles.
IWMProfileManager::LoadProfileByData The LoadProfileByData method creates a profile object and populates it with data from a stored string. You must use this method to manipulate custom profiles. System profiles should be accessed using either LoadProfileByID or LoadSystemProfile.
IWMProfileManager::LoadProfileByID The LoadProfileByID method loads a system profile identified by its globally unique identifier. To load a custom profile, use IWMProfileManager::LoadProfileByData.
IWMProfileManager::LoadSystemProfile The LoadSystemProfile method loads a system profile identified by its index. If you do not know the index of the desired system profile, you must use IWMProfileManager::LoadProfileByID. To load a custom profile, use IWMProfileManager::LoadProfileByData.
IWMProfileManager::SaveProfile The SaveProfile method saves a profile into an XML-formatted string.


Target Platform Windows
Header wmsdkidl.h

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