IWMStreamConfig interface

The IWMStreamConfig interface is the primary interface of a stream configuration object. It provides methods to configure basic properties for streams to be used in a profile.

Every profile contains one or more stream configuration objects. You can get the IWMStreamConfig interface of a stream configuration object by calling the IWMProfile::GetStream method or the IWMProfile::GetStreamByNumber method. The difference between these two methods is that GetStream retrieves the stream using an index ranging from zero to one less than the total stream count, and GetStreamByNumber retrieves the stream using the assigned stream number. You can also retrieve a stream configuration object using the IWMProfile::CreateNewStream method. All of the methods that create stream configuration objects set a pointer to this interface.

Important  After calling one or more of the IWMStreamConfig::Set... methods, you must call IWMProfile::ReconfigStream for all the changes to take effect in the profile.


The IWMStreamConfig interface has these methods.

Method Description
IWMStreamConfig::GetBitrate The GetBitrate method retrieves the bit rate for the stream.
IWMStreamConfig::GetBufferWindow The GetBufferWindow method retrieves the maximum latency between when a stream is received and when it begins to be displayed.
IWMStreamConfig::GetConnectionName The GetConnectionName method retrieves the input name given to the stream.
IWMStreamConfig::GetStreamName The GetStreamName method retrieves the stream name.
IWMStreamConfig::GetStreamNumber The GetStreamNumber method retrieves the stream number.
IWMStreamConfig::GetStreamType The GetStreamType method retrieves the major type of the stream (audio, video, or script).
IWMStreamConfig::SetBitrate The SetBitrate method specifies the bit rate for the stream.
IWMStreamConfig::SetBufferWindow The SetBufferWindow method specifies the maximum latency between when a stream is received and when it begins to be displayed.
IWMStreamConfig::SetConnectionName The SetConnectionName method specifies a name for an input. If the profile you are creating contains multiple bit rate mutual exclusion, each of the mutually exclusive streams must have the same connection name.
IWMStreamConfig::SetStreamName The SetStreamName method assigns a name to the stream represented by the stream configuration object.
IWMStreamConfig::SetStreamNumber The SetStreamNumber method specifies the stream number.


Target Platform Windows
Header wmsdkidl.h

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