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AXE Schema Reference

AXE uses XML to describe assessments, jobs, assessment results and job results. This section provides the XSD schema for the XML, and it also provides a subsection that describes the XML elements.

An AXE assessment manifest is an XML file the describes an AXE assessment. An AXE job manifest is an XML file that describes an AXE job, which is a set of AXE assessments. A job may run multiple instances of an assessment. The job manifest includes the parameters that are specific for each assessment instance, and the parameters that apply to the entire job.

The XML element that represents an assessment manifest is AxeAssessmentManifest. The element that represents a job manifest is AxeJobManifest. To create a job manifest, AXE marshals the assessment manifests to AssessmentManifest elements, one assessment per element. It then collects these under the AssessmentManifests element of the AxeJobManifest element.

An AssessmentRun element contains information for a particular instance of an assessment and these are collected in AssessmentRuns of the AxeJobManifest element.

When an assessment runs it creates one or more result files containing the assessment results. AXE combines the assessment result files into a job results file. The job results file contains the entire job used to generate the results, so reporting tools never need to use others sources for essential information.

The XML element that represents an assessment result is AssessmentResult. The element that represents job results is AxeJobResults.

Assessments can create multiple result files as long as each uses AssessmentResult as the root node. Assessments should not write the ResultsLocation, Guid and ExitCode children of AssessmentResult because these nodes are created by AXE.

AXE XSD Schema

AXE XML Elements

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