The FaxPort object permits a fax client application to retrieve and set configuration information for a fax port on a connected fax server. Use the FaxPort object to create a FaxStatus object for a fax port and to create a FaxRoutingMethods object to enumerate the fax routing methods associated with a port.

A FaxPort object is created by a FaxPorts object. FaxStatus objects and FaxRoutingMethods objects are created by FaxPort objects.

A fax client application must create an instance of a FaxServer object before accessing most other objects that begin with Fax. (A fax server connection is not required to access a FaxTiff object.)


For more information about creating an instance of a FaxPort object, and for a list of the object's properties and methods, see IFaxPort.

Visual Basic

Create by retrieving the Item property of the FaxPorts collection.

For more information about creating a FaxPort object, and for a list of the properties and methods of the object, see FaxPort object (Visual Basic).