Cluster Database

The cluster database is a set of keys, sometimes referred to as the cluster hive, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the registry. It contains information about all physical and logical elements in a cluster, including a listing of cluster objects, their properties, and configuration data.

Each node stores a continuously updated copy of the cluster database. The Cluster services on each node cooperate to maintain a consistent, updated image by participating in global updates and periodic consistency checks. The quorum resource also maintains an updated copy of the cluster database.

Many typical programming tasks involve direct or indirect changes to the cluster database. The Failover Cluster API provides many different ways to interact with the cluster database, but there is a definite order of preference governing which APIs should be used in which circumstances. For more information, see Standard Order of Preference. Never use the registry functions to access or change the cluster database. The registry functions will corrupt the cluster database and render the cluster unusable.