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ODBC Microsoft Access Setup Dialog Box

The ODBC Microsoft Access Setup dialog box contains the following controls among others:

Data source information

Identifies the Access database, defaulting to the name assigned by the manufacturer. The Description field, which is blank by default, can contain your descriptive qualifiers.


Click Repair (Repair Database Dialog Box) to fix a damaged Access database, and Compact (Database to Compact From Dialog Box) to reduce wasted space. Click Select or Create to open an existing or new database.

System Database

Click to select a shared database. The default user name is Admin, and the default Microsoft Access password for the Admin user is an empty string.


Click to change the following driver options:

  • Page timeout. The time (in tenths of a second) that an unused page remains in the buffer. It must always be greater than 0.

  • Buffer size. The size of the internal buffer, in kilobytes, used by Microsoft Access to transfer data to and from the disk. This can be any integer value that is divisible by 256.

  • Database access constraints.


Click to configure additional options for driver performance.


Detailed and programmatic information about this driver is located in the MSDN Library. Other information can be found under Data Source Conversion, Access Files, IISAM Registry Entries, and Common ODBC Component Files. Product support is available.