RsopMode Enumeration


Specifies the mode for a Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) report.

Namespace:   Microsoft.GroupPolicy
Assembly:  Microsoft.GroupPolicy.Management (in Microsoft.GroupPolicy.Management.dll)


public enum RsopMode
public enum class RsopMode
type RsopMode
Public Enumeration RsopMode


Member name Description

RSoP logging mode. The report is generated for existing policy settings.


RSoP planning mode. The report is generated for policy settings in specified Group Policy objects (GPOs).


The RSoP mode is not known. Do not use.


You can use the RsopMode enumeration values to specify the mode for an RSoP report. One of two modes may be specified:

  • RSoP logging mode. Logging mode reports the existing policy settings for a computer and user.

  • RSoP planning mode. With planning mode, you can simulate the effect of policy settings that you want to apply to a computer and user.

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