Enhanced Write Filter with HORM (Standard 7 SP1)


Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) lets you write-protect a run-time image. By redirecting all write requests to RAM, EWF enables the run-time image to maintain the appearance of a writable run-time image.


Windows Embedded Standard 7 only supports EWF RAM and RAM Reg modes. Disk mode is not supported.

In This Section

  • EWF Overview
    Provides an overview of Enhanced Write Filter. This overview describes the EWF architecture and the components that are required to support EWF.
  • EWF Modes
    Describes the different modes of EWF, and how to implement each type.
  • EWF Design Considerations
    Describes the considerations you should make before configuring and deploying an EWF-protected run-time image.
  • EWF Manager
    Describes the command-line syntax for the EWF Manager.
    Describes the functions that you can use to programmatically control EWF.

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