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Preparing a Windows Powered NAS Server Appliance Master Operating System Image for Manufacturing

If you are preparing your Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance for manufacturing, you will be most interested in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) pre-install kit sections of the help documentation. The following instructions lead you through the preparations for manufacturing NAS.


  • Hardware platform that is identical to what will be manufactured
  • Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server, or Windows® Powered CD
  • Most recent Windows 2000 service pack CD
  • Windows 2000 OEM pre-install kit CD
  • OEM-specific Product Identification (PID)
  • Server Appliance Kit 2.0 CD
  • Microsoft® Services for UNIX CD
  • Microsoft® Service for Netware CD (optional)

To prepare a Windows Powered NAS master operating system image for manufacturing

  1. Install Microsoft Windows 2000 on the boot drive and partition of server appliance hardware platform.

  2. Install Services for UNIX.

  3. Optional: Install Services for NetWare.

  4. Install the latest service pack for Windows 2000.

  5. Install any quick fix engineering (QFE) updates.

  6. Configure the administrator account.

  7. Secure the configuration.

  8. Install the Server Appliance Kit. From the Setup Wizard, select No, do not install the Server Appliance Kit development environment, and then select Yes, install a Server Appliance Solution. Select NAS as the type of server appliance you would like to create, and accept the default components.

  9. Install the language resource files for the Server Appliance Kit 2.0.

  10. Optional: Add custom or third-party add-ins according to developer’s instructions.

  11. Optional: Install custom branding.

  12. Optional: Install OEMConfigDll.

  13. Run SaPrep.

  14. Run Sysprep.

  15. Optional: If you have added failover capability to your appliance, install the failover operating system by repeating steps 1-12 on the failover partition.

  16. Shut down appliance and remove boot hard drive, which will now serve as the master image.

    **Note   **Never boot from the master disk directly. Only boot using copies of the master.

  17. Copy the master image onto your test units.

  18. Test units thoroughly.

Once your Windows Powered NAS server appliance master OS image and hardware have been validated, you are ready to begin manufacturing the server appliance in quantity.