Applications use the methods of the IDirectSound interface to create DirectSound objects and set up the environment. This section is a reference to the methods of this interface.

The interface is obtained by using the DirectSoundCreate function.

The methods of the IDirectSound interface can be organized into the following groups:

Initialization Initialize
Buffer creation  CreateSoundBuffer
Device capabilities  GetCaps
Memory management  Compact
Speaker configuration  Not supported on Windows CE

The IDirectSound interface, like all COM interfaces, inherits the IUnknown interface methods. The IUnknown interface supports the following three methods:

IUnknown AddRef

The LPDIRECTSOUND type is defined as a pointer to the IDirectSound interface.

typedef struct IDirectSound    *LPDIRECTSOUND;


OS Versions: Windows CE 2.12 and later. Version 2.12 requires DXPAK 1.0 or later.
Header: Dsound.h.
Link Library: Dsound.lib.

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