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file protocol

Opens a file on a local or network drive.


sDrives Specifies the local or network drive.

sFile Optional. Specifies the file to open. If sFile is omitted and the account accessing the drive has permission to browse the directory, a list of accessible files and directories is displayed.


The file protocol and file parameter can be omitted and substituted with just the command line representation of the drive letter and file location. For example, to browse the My Documents directory, the file protocol can be specified as file:///C|/My Documents/ or as C:\My Documents\. In addition, a single '\' is equivalent to specifying the root directory on the primary local drive. On most computers, this is C:\.

Note  Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (SP1) no longer allows browsing a local machine from the Internet zone. For instance, if an Internet site contains a link to a local file, Windows Internet Explorer SP1 or later displays a blank page when a user clicks on the link.



The following sample demonstrates four ways to use the File protocol.

//Specifying a drive and a file name. 

file:///C|/My Documents/ALetter.html

//Specifying only a drive and a path to browse the directory. 

file:///C|/My Documents/

//Specifying a drive and a directory using the command line representation of the directory location. 

C:\My Documents\

//Specifying only the directory on the local primary drive. 

\My Documents\