AppendData Property

Specifies whether new data is appended or replaces existing data.


[ fValue = ] TDC.AppendData

Possible Values

fValue Boolean expression that controls how data from DataURL is treated. If FALSE, when new data is read it replaces the existing data set. If TRUE, it is added to the existing data. The default value is FALSE.

The property is read/write. The property has no default value.


When this property is set to its default value of FALSE, and DataURL is changed and Reset is called, the Tabular Data Control will clear any data it has stored, fetch a new copy of the data, and display it according to the Filter and Sort properties.

When AppendData is TRUE, a data fetch will add the data to the existing data. For example, this could be used with search results so that initial results aren't discarded. It is assumed that the new data exactly matches the format of the first data fetched. The header line is ignored and the data is added to the existing columns. If values are the incorrect type, they will be stored as string values and will thus sort to the end of the column.

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