TDC Object

The Tabular Data Control (TDC) allows an HTML page to display data from delimited text files, either as part of tables or a row at a time.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the TDC object.

Property Description
AppendData Specifies whether new data is appended or replaces existing data.
CaseSensitive Indicates whether comparisons with the data should ignore case.
CharSet Identifies the character set of the data file.
DataURL Specifies the location of the data file.
EscapeChar Specifies the character used to escape special characters.
FieldDelim Specifies the character used to mark the end of data fields.
Filter Specifies how the data will be filtered.
Language Specifies the language of the data file, including numerical and data formats.
RowDelim Specifies the character used to mark the end of each row.
Sort Identifies the columns to be sorted, and ascending or descending sort order.
TextQualifier Specifies the optional character that surrounds a field.
UseHeader Specifies whether the first line of the data file contains header information.
Method Description
Reset Causes the control to filter or sort its data based on new settings.


The data can optionally be filtered or sorted by the browser under script control, with no server involvement. If the first line of the text file is a header line that describes the column names and data types, intelligent sorting and filtering will occur. For example, dates and numbers sort as expected rather than in strict text order—that is, 2 sorts before 10. Extensions in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 allow you to bind data fields to controls on an HTML form as well as a single table row that will be expanded to show the data in all rows.