Information index for Internet Explorer 10

This information index gives you a high-level view of the information available on Internet Explorer 10 for developers, including feature lists, compatibility information, blog entries, and technical articles.

Developer resources

  • Internet Explorer 10 Guide for Developers: provides a look at the developer features included in Internet Explorer 10, as well as the latest HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 features available to developers of Windows Store app using JavaScript for Windows 8.
  • Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility Changes: describes features that operate differently in Internet Explorer 10 from earlier versions and identifies things that may require changes to sites and apps built to support earlier versions of the browser.
  • IEBlog (all IE10 posts): Provides a list of IEBlog posts about the Internet Explorer 10 product.
  • Internet Explorer 10 Samples and Tutorials: Provides sample applications that are built with features of Internet Explorer 10, modern standards, and real-world design.

General reference

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