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Xamarin.Essentials: Phone Dialer

The PhoneDialer class enables an application to open a phone number in the dialer.

Get started

To start using this API, read the getting started guide for Xamarin.Essentials to ensure the library is properly installed and set up in your projects.

If your project's Target Android version is set to Android 11 (R API 30) you must update your Android Manifest with queries that are used with the new package visibility requirements.

Open the AndroidManifest.xml file under the Properties folder and add the following inside of the manifest node:

    <action android:name="android.intent.action.DIAL" />
    <data android:scheme="tel"/>

Using Phone Dialer

Add a reference to Xamarin.Essentials in your class:

using Xamarin.Essentials;

The Phone Dialer functionality works by calling the Open method with a phone number to open the dialer with. When Open is requested the API will automatically attempt to format the number based on the country code if specified.

public class PhoneDialerTest
    public void PlacePhoneCall(string number)
        catch (ArgumentNullException anEx)
            // Number was null or white space
        catch (FeatureNotSupportedException ex)
            // Phone Dialer is not supported on this device.
        catch (Exception ex)
            // Other error has occurred.


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