Acknowledge a hold notification

When responding to a regulatory request or investigation, you may be required to inform custodians of their obligation to preserve electronically stored information (ESI) and any material that may be relevant to an active or imminent legal matter. Once sent, legal teams must know that each custodian has received, read, understood, and agreed to follow the given instructions.

To help reduce the time, cost, and effort of following up with your custodians, eDiscovery (Premium) allows you to send and follow up on legal hold notifications through email. In addition to email notices, each custodian will have access to an individualized Compliance Portal, allowing custodians to be kept informed of changes to their obligation status.


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Email notifications

After a Legal Hold Notification has been issued, each custodian will receive a unique and personalized email containing your defined legal hold notice and added instructions.


See how you can use the built-in Communication Editor to allow your custodians to acknowledge their notice or access their Compliance Portal directly from their email.

Based on the configuration of your legal hold notification, your custodians may receive the following notices:

  • Issuance notice: The first notice sent to your custodian. This notice will contain your issuance instructions and the hold notice appended to the end of your message.
  • Reminder notice: If enabled, a reminder notice will be sent to your custodians based on the specified frequency and interval. The reminders will continue to be sent either until the custodian has acknowledged their notice or until the number of reminders have been exhausted.
  • Escalation notice: If enabled, an escalation notice will be sent to your custodian and their manager after the reminder notices have been exhausted. The system will automatically send escalation notices until the specified number of escalations have been completed or until the custodian acknowledges their hold notification.
  • Reissue notice: During an investigation, if the contents of the hold notice are updated, then the updated notice will automatically be sent to the custodian.
  • Release notice: When a custodian is released from the case, they'll be sent the release notice.

Compliance Portal

In addition to the email notifications, each custodian will have access to a unique Compliance Portal. Through the portal, each custodian can view, access, and acknowledge their active hold notifications.

Compliance Portal for a custodian.