Use the communications editor

As you define the content of your portal content, legal hold notifications, and related reminders/escalations, you can use the Communications Editor to format and dynamically customize your content.


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Rich text editor

The Communications Editor allows user to customize the text using the editor options. For example, users can change font types, create bulleted lists, highlight content, and more.

Merge field variables

You can use email merge variables from the Communications Editor to embed customized custodian attributes into a communication's body text. When sent to the custodian, the merge field will be populated with the corresponding field. For example, when sent to custodian John Smith, the merge field [Custodian Name] would be translated with the corresponding name.

You can use email merge fields by selecting the Merge field icons on the top of the rich-text editor control. The placeholder will be added based off the location of the users' cursor.

List of merge field variables

Field name Field details
Display Name The custodian's first and last name.
Acknowledgment Link A customized link to record each custodian's acknowledgment.
Portal Link A customized link for the custodian's Compliance Portal.
Issuing Officer The email address of the specified issuing officer.
Issuing Date The date that the notice was issued (UTC).