Manage hold notifications

After you've initiated your legal hold notification workflow, you can use the communications workflow in Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium) to track the status of your communications. The Communications tab contains a list of all notifications within your eDiscovery (Premium) case. You can see details such as the number of custodians that have been assigned or have acknowledged the notice.


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Monitor acknowledgments

After you select a communication from the Communications tab, you can view a list of custodians that have acknowledged a hold notice.

  1. In the compliance portal, go to eDiscovery > eDiscovery (Premium).
  2. Select a case and then select the Communications tab.
  3. Select a communication to display the Custodian communication flyout page.

A list of custodians associated with the selected communication is displayed on the communication flyout page. This page also displays insights and about how many acknowledgments were received and how many are outstanding. The page also shows which custodians have sent an acknowledgment that they received the hold notification.

Resend a hold notice

Occasionally, custodians lose track of email messages in their day-to-day work. Or for a long-running litigation case, a custodian may contact you or others and request that you resend a notice. As you manage the communications workflow for legal hold notices, you may need to resend a notice to bring it back to the "top of a user's mailbox".

To resend a hold notice to a custodian:

  1. In eDiscovery (Premium), select a case and then select the Communications tab.
  2. Select a communication to display the Custodian communication flyout page.
  3. Select More > Re-send hold notice.
  4. On the Re-send hold notice flyout page, select the custodians that you what to resend the notice and type an optional reason.
  5. Select Re-send to send the notice to the selected custodians.

If a custodian hasn't acknowledged the hold notification, the reminder and escalation workflow is restarted. If a custodian has acknowledged the hold notice, the custodian will receive a copy of the original hold notice.


You can only resend a legal hold notification to custodians that are assigned to the communication.

Update preservation requirements

As the case progresses, custodians may be required to preserve additional or less data than was previously instructed. In eDiscovery terms, you need to reissue the hold notice with updated content.

To update the contents of the initial hold notice:

  1. In eDiscovery (Premium), select a case and then select the Communications tab.
  2. Select the hold notice that you want to update and select Edit on the Custodian communication flyout page.
  3. In the Edit Communication wizard, select Define Portal Content in the left pane of the wizard, and update the contents of the notice.
  4. Select Save.

The reissuance notice will be sent to all the custodians assigned to the legal hold notification. In addition, if the Reminder or Escalation notice is enabled, then the workflows for those types of notices will restart.

When you update the content or settings of the Issuance, Release, Reissue, Reminder, or Escalation notice, these changes will apply to all future communications generated by the workflow.

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