Event Grid libraries for Python

Azure Event Grid is a fully-managed intelligent event routing service that allows for uniform event consumption using a publish-subscribe model.

Libraries for data access

The latest version of the Azure Event Grid library is version 4.x.x. We highly recommend using version 4.x.x for new applications.

To update existing applications to version 4.x.x, please follow the migration guide.

Version 4.x.x

To publish a CloudEvent, an EventGridEvent or a Custom schema event to Azure Event Grid, you would use the latest version of the azure-eventgrid. This version also has async support.

Library Reference Samples Source
azure-eventgrid v4 API Reference for azure-eventgrid v4 Samples for azure-eventgrid v4 Source code for azure-eventgrid v4

Version 1.x.x

The older version allows you to send events to Azure Event Grid, but it lacks a lot of the new features and performance improvements available in the latest version of the same package.

Library Reference Samples Source
azure-eventgrid v1 API Reference for azure-eventgrid v1 Samples for azure-eventgrid v1 Source code for azure-eventgrid v1

Libraries for resource management

To manage your Azure Event Grid resources like topics and domains via the Azure Resource Manager, you would use the below package:

Library Reference Source
azure-mgmt-eventgrid API Reference for azure-mgmt-eventgrid Source code for azure-mgmt-eventgrid

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