Azure Monitor libraries for Python


Monitoring provides data to ensure that your application stays up and running in a healthy state. It also helps you to stave off potential problems or troubleshoot past ones. In addition, you can use monitoring data to gain deep insights about your application. That knowledge can help you to improve application performance or maintainability, or automate actions that would otherwise require manual intervention.

To learn more about Azure Monitor, see Azure Monitor overview.

Packages - latest

The following packages can be used to interact with the Azure Monitor service. The azure-monitor-ingestion package can be used to send custom logs to Azure Monitor, while the azure-monitor-query package can be used to execute read-only queries against the Azure Monitor logs and metrics. The azure-mgmt-monitor package can be used to manage the Azure Monitor service itself. Check out the links in the following table to learn more about each package.

Reference Package Source
Monitor Ingestion azure-monitor-ingestion GitHub
Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry azure-monitor-opentelemetry GitHub
Monitor Query azure-monitor-query GitHub
Resource Management - Monitor azure-mgmt-monitor GitHub