Azure Cosmos DB Resource URI Syntax for REST

The base URI for the rest of the resources is based on the URI endpoint created for the database account name. Using the example above, the URL would be

The following table shows the base URI for each of the resources. The base URL for a resource is composed of the database account name, and a list of resource types and names of the requested resource and its parents.

Resources Base URI
Database 'https://{databaseaccount}{db}'
User 'https://{databaseaccount}{db}/users/{user}'
Permission 'https://{databaseaccount}{db}/users/{user}/permissions/{perm}'
Collection 'https://{databaseaccount}{db}/colls/{coll}'
Stored Procedure 'https://{databaseaccount}{db}/colls/{coll}/sprocs/{sproc}'
Trigger 'https://{databaseaccount}{db}/colls/{coll}/triggers/{trigger}'
UDF 'https://{databaseaccount}{db}/colls/{coll}/udfs/{udf}'
Document 'https://{databaseaccount}{db}/colls/{coll}/docs/{doc}'
Attachment 'https://{databaseaccount}{db}/colls/{coll}/docs/{doc}/attachments/{attch}'
Offer 'https://{databaseaccount}{offer}'

Each allowable operation for the respective resources is discussed in the following operation articles:

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