Version 2020-04-08

The 2020-04-08 service version includes the following features:

  • The ability to permanently delete a soft-deleted blob version or snapshot. For more information, see Delete Blob.
  • Get Blob Tags and Set Blob Tags now support the x-ms-lease-id header.
  • A new API Put Blob from URL allows a block blob to be created from an existing blob.
  • The ability to specify protocol and squash root when creating a File Share. Squash root can also be set with Set Share Properties.
  • List Directories and Files now supports the include query parameter and x-ms-file-extended-info request header. For more information, see List Directories and Files.
  • The ability to list deleted blobs and restore deleted blobs on storage accounts with hierarchical namespace enabled. For more information, see List Blobs and Undelete Blob.