Azure Digital Twins end-to-end samples

Azure Digital Twins is a developer platform for next-generation IoT solutions that lets you create, run, and manage digital representations of your business environment, securely and efficiently in the cloud. With Azure Digital Twins, creating live operational state representations is quick and cost-effective, and digital representations stay current with real-time data from IoT and other data sources.

For more information about Azure Digital Twins and its key concepts, see the Azure Digital Twins documentation.


This project contains 2 samples for working with Azure Digital Twins:

  • A building scenario sample written in .NET. Can be used to set up and simulate a full end-to-end scenario with Azure Digital Twins
  • A deployment script written in PowerShell. Can be used to deploy and set AAD permissions for an Azure Digital Twins instance


Get the samples by downloading this repository as a ZIP file to your machine.

Sample project contents

The sample repo contains:

File/folder Description
AdtSampleApp For the building scenario. Contains a sample client application built to interact with Azure Digital Twins, as well as an Azure Functions app with two functions (ProcessDTRoutedData and ProcessHubToDTEvents) that are used to route data between Azure Digital Twins and other external services.
DeviceSimulator For the building scenario. Simulator for a that generates telemetry events. The simulated device is a thermostat that sends temperature telemetry every ~5 seconds.
scripts For the deployment script. Contains deploy.ps1.


For the building scenario:

These samples were developed and expected to run in Visual Studio 2019. Ensure you have installed Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5.1XXX or later on your development machine. If you have an older version installed already, you can open the Visual Studio Installer app on your machine and follow the prompts to update your installation.

For the deployment script:



The instructions for working with these samples are included in the Azure Digital Twins documentation.

Building scenario:

There are two possible sets of instructions for working with this sample.

Deployment script:

Instructions for running the script, and manual description of the automated steps within the script, are found in How-to: Create an Azure Digital Twins instance.


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