Deploy the MedTech service including an Azure IoT Hub

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This template deploys the MedTech service with the required resources and access permissions and includes an Azure IoT Hub. Conforming and valid device and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) destination mappings are also included.

FHIR® is a registered trademark of Health Level Seven International, registered in the U.S. Trademark Office and is used with their permission.

Tags: Microsoft.EventHub/namespaces, Microsoft.EventHub/namespaces/eventhubs, Microsoft.EventHub/namespaces/eventhubs/authorizationRules, Microsoft.HealthcareApis/workspaces, Microsoft.HealthcareApis/workspaces/fhirservices, SystemAssigned, Microsoft.HealthcareApis/workspaces/iotconnectors, Microsoft.HealthcareApis/workspaces/iotconnectors/fhirdestinations, Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments, Microsoft.Devices/IotHubs