Grade Sync


Microsoft Teams Assignments allows teachers to manage and grade assignments within their Class Teams.

Grade Sync for Teams Assignments allows automatic sync of student grades to your school's grade book, saving teachers time.

Grade Sync can be enabled by the SDS admin. Enabling Grade Sync provides teachers the ability to automatically write grades from Teams back to a third-party grade book that support OneRoster API.

Enabling Grade Sync doesn't force grades to be written back automatically. Teachers can use Grade Sync on a per assignment basis, and record grades from a single location within Teams.

To enable Grade Sync, the SDS admin provides the connection details using the instructions below. Completing this process makes Grade Sync functionality available for all Class Teams created and managed by SDS.

Managing Grade Sync Connection using OneRoster API

Partner grade book providers should use the Onboarding OneRoster API Consumers for Grade Sync and Grade Sync documentation to enable Grade Sync to any third-party grade book via the OneRoster API.

OneRoster provider overview Guidance for OneRoster API data providers with SDS Guidance for OneRoster API data consumers for Grade Sync