Overview of SDS for Insights

Introducing SDS for Insights

We've added a new SDS feature, SDS for Insights, to facilitate SDS customers' ability to sync their organizational data with Education Insights Premium. Learn more about Education Insights Premium.

Customers can link user activity with user metadata, roles, classes, and organizational hierarchy to drive deeper insights, providing leaders with valuable analytics.

SDS provides a new user interface that allows customers to easily enable SDS as a source, configure their current academic year, and create a new incoming flow. SDS for Insights provides a monitoring experience that includes data health, which highlights calls to action for any errors or warnings with customer data.

SDS for Insights requirements

  • An Office 365 Education tenant

  • Global administrator permissions

  • Utilizing provisioning through SDS sync profiles

If you don't meet the third requirement, go to Deploying SDS to learn about setting up SDS provisioning.

Education Insights Capabilities Matrix and SDS V2.1 CSV

Premium capability in EI Description Fields needed from SDS V2.1 CSV Availability
Organizational hierarchy aggregation Education leaders can see student’s activity aggregation as an overall view of the school, district, or institution, drill down in different ways, and easily compare between organizational units at each level based on the institution hierarchy.
- Organizational fields.*
- Seeing organizational hierarchy requires providing parentSourceId (parent organization association).

Note: class level aggregation is done based on Azure Active Directory Groups linked to Teams classes. However, Teams class creation via SDS provisioning automation can be done via the classes.csv and enrollement.csv files of SDS v2.1 CSVs.

Grade level aggregation Education leaders can see student activity aggregation by grade level, and easily compare between grades.
- Organizational fields.*
- Requires grade value in roles.csv.
Role-based permissions IT admins can provide education leaders, administrators, and support staff access to EDU insights across district, campus, or institution, based on their roles (not manually).
- Organizational fields.*
Ability to map to other data sets like special programs, needs, and demographics Educators and education leaders can apply advanced filters on student activity data based on student demographics and special programs. This feature enables effective comparison between different groups to ensure program equity for all students.
- Organizational fields.*
- demographics.csv
- usersourcedId
-- sex
-- ethnicityCodes
-- raceCodes
- userflags.csv
- userSourcedId
- flag
Historical data Education leaders can view historical student activity data, and track trends, progress, and changes across school years. When SDS data is uploaded, the academic year is linked through SDS for Insights, so that Education Insights can show data for multiple academic years (no specific fields required). This feature doesn't backfill older or prior year data. The data grows year over year. PLANNED
Export to CSV Education leaders can export student activity data to Excel for further analysis. The data in Education Insights is available to download as CSVs. As more data is available, it will be downloaded as well (no specific fields). EXIST (to be enriched with time)

Organizational fields

File Fields
- name - Mandatory
- type - Mandatory
- sourcedId - Mandatory
- parentSourcedId - Needed to create organizational hierarchy (recommended).
Users .csv
- username - mandatory
- sourcedId - Mandatory
- givenname - Needed only if SDS is used for provisioning. Otherwise it will be mapped by matching the existing Azure Active Directory users.
- familyname - Needed only if SDS is used for provisioning. Otherwise it will be mapped by matching existing Azure Active Directory users.
- userSourcedId - Mandatory
- orgSourcedId - Mandatory
- role - Mandatory
- grade - Needed if grade aggregation within the school is needed (recommended).
Classes.csv Needed only if SDS is used for provisioning. Otherwise it will be mapped by matching the existing Azure AD groups.
Enrollment.csv Needed only if SDS is used for provisioning. Otherwise it will be mapped by matching the existing Azure Active Directory groups.

How to deploy SDS for Insights

Back to school transition guidance

Edit incoming flow

SDS for Insights academic year handling

SDS for Insights data health & monitoring

SDS for Insights frequently asked questions