Using the Portal

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You may access the Freta portal here:

Default View

Upon authentication to the portal, you're presented with the following view:

Using The Portal Initial View

After you either submit a few images or change the Display Options, your view might start to look like this:

Using The Portal Default View

Let's walk through what's going on here. The following table describes each column of the reported data.

Column Description Notes
Last Updated Timestamp of the image submission The background color indicates the image type; a key to the colors is found in the lower right of the view
Image Name User-defined image name This name may be changed by the image owner
Region The Azure region that stores the image Set at submission, cannot be changed
State Status of image in the analysis workflow Submitted, Report Available, and indications of stale analysis or error condition
Actions Functions that may be performed on the image Note that if a button is grayed out, you do not have rights to perform that function against the image

Display Options

Your uploaded images are always visible in the table, and you may choose to optionally include the built-in sample images as well via Display Options drop down list.


There are three actions for each image. Note that only the image owner may delete or redo the analysis.

Action Description
Delete Permanently remove this image
Redo The Azure region that stores the image
View Link to the front page of the Report


Choosing to delete an image permanently removes the result record and associated image file. This is not recoverable.

Renaming an Image

Choosing to View the image redirects your browser to the image's Report.

You may modify an image's name by clicking the Image Properties button at the top right of any image report page; this will launch the Update Image Properties dialog box. Provide the new name and click Save changes.

Update Image Properties

Exporting Report Data

Choosing to View the image redirects your browser to the image's Report. Note the Downloads links under the report name at the top-left:

Using The Portal Download Links

Click the report (json) link to download the report data in JSON format.

Click the memory snapshot to download the originally-uploaded memory snapshot. (Note that this file may several gigabytes in length.)

Submitting an Image

Once you've obtained a memory snapshot, you may submit it to portal. From the default view, click the Upload Image link on the left side of the header bar. This will bring you to the Upload Image page:

How To Submit An Image Submit

The following table explains each of the input values:

Column Description
Image Name Choose any name to describe this image. Example: Ubuntu-test or production-sql-05.
Image File Click on Choose File to locate the memory image you'd like to submit
Kernel Profile (Optional) Click on Choose File to locate the kernel profile associated with your image. This is only necessary if you are submitting an unsupported kernel for analysis.
Region Please select the Azure region to host the image (typically the one most geographically proximate to you)

Once you've provided these options, click the Submit button to submit the image for analysis. Please find this image in the list to track its progress via the State column.