Services Hub Quick Start Guide: General User

When your agreement begins, you’ll receive a “Welcome to Microsoft Unified Support!” email with your registration link. Once you’re registered on Services Hub, you can begin using the many great tools and resources available to you.

Register for Services Hub

  1. Click the Register Now link in your welcome email and enter your work email credentials on the Sign In page.
  2. Complete your Profile.
  3. Watch the Services Hub Overview video.

Invite your team to join

  1. Go to Services Hub > Management > Manage users.
  2. Enter work emails to invite users to join, then click Invite users.
  3. Invite users – upload a .csv file for bulk invites.

Explore Services Hub

  1. Discover all the Services Hub Documentation offers at
  2. Visit the Learning tab to understand how Microsoft technologies can help you.

More Information

  • Lost your registration email or need assistance? Go to
  • Any registered user can invite other users in your organization to join Services Hub.
  • Only Support Contacts can create Microsoft Support requests.
  • Contact your organization’s Services Admin for access to Health Assessments.
  • Find everything you need at Services Hub documentation.
  • Microsoft Accessibility:
    • Our products and services are built with international accessibility standards such as European standard ETSI EN 301 549 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in mind. Our Accessibility Conformance Reports describe how our products and services conform to those standards.
    • Contact Enterprise Disability Answer Desk (eDAD) for assistance.