Add SharePoint capabilities

Find overview and how-to information about adding SharePoint features and capabilities to custom apps.

What are SharePoint capabilities in SharePoint?

SharePoint capabilities represent the features that you work with on SharePoint sites, such as workflows, social feeds, and search. By adding SharePoint capabilities to your app, you can help users to do things better and more quickly.

You can add SharePoint capabilities to whatever kind of app you're developing: SharePoint Add-ins, solutions, sites, components, and mobile apps.

Kinds of SharePoint capabilities you can add to your apps

The following table shows SharePoint capabilities that you can add to your app, and provides links to articles that give more information about each capability.

Table 1. SharePoint capabilities that you can add to apps in SharePoint

Capability Article title
Model and automate business processes
Workflows in SharePoint
Communicate and collaborate with people and track content
Social and collaboration features in SharePoint
Add location and mapping features
Integrating location and map functionality in SharePoint
Make search results more relevant
Search in SharePoint
Access data from external data systems
Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint
Work with data, convert file formats, and translate sites
Office and SharePoint application services
Work with user access, roles, rights, and claims.
Authentication, authorization, and security in SharePoint
Discover content in electronic format for legal purposes
eDiscovery in SharePoint

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