Office 365 development and SharePoint PnP solution guidance

Solution guidance, including insights and details based on scenarios and functional requirements, for Office 365 development and SharePoint patterns and practices (PnP).

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Modernizing your classic SharePoint sites Transform your classic SharePoint sites into modern group-connected sites.
Branding and site provisioning Use SharePoint Add-ins to provision and manage SharePoint site branding.
Customizing the "modern" experiences in SharePoint Online Customize with SharePoint Online "modern" experiences.
OneDrive and SharePoint Online Multi-Geo scenarios OneDrive and SharePoint Online Multi-Geo tenant, which allows multinational corporations that have one or more geographical locations, to expand their Office 365 OneDrive and SharePoint Online tenancy to satisfy data residency requirements.
Building SharePoint Online portals Factor in SharePoint Online specific performance considerations when developing your new portal.
Composite business add-ins Use composite business add-ins to integrate your SharePoint solutions with your business processes and technologies.
ECM solutions Perform common ECM tasks such as setting site policies, uploading files, synchronizing term groups, and more.
Localization solutions Localize your SharePoint site contents and UI text.
Search solutions Find out about the SharePoint search architecture, search APIs, and search add-ins.
Security and performance Improve the security and performance of your SharePoint sites with OAuth, support for Germany, China and US Government environments, cross-domain images, elevated privileges, and external sharing.
SharePoint Add-in recipes Find a list of SharePoint Add-in recipes.
Transform farm solutions to the SharePoint Add-in model Convert your farm solutions to the SharePoint Add-in model.
Sandbox solution transformation guidance Convert your sandbox solutions to the add-in model or alternative solutions.
User profile solutions Work with SharePoint user profile data.
Deploying your SharePoint Add-ins Deploy your SharePoint Add-ins.
PnP remote provisioning Learn about remote provisioning for your Office 365 and SharePoint Online site collections by using features of the add-in model.
PnP remote timer job framework Learn about timer jobs, which are background tasks that operate on your SharePoint sites.

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