Training and change management for rolling out SharePoint and OneDrive

Using SharePoint and OneDrive can be a significant change for your users, depending on what your current systems are. Spend time understanding your user journeys - those sequences of tasks that users regularly follow in the course of their work. Determine how using SharePoint and OneDrive fit into these journeys and use that information to create a transition plan and resources to help your users.

As part of your change management plan, review how your users do core tasks such as:

  • Where to save personal work files
  • Where to save shared files
  • How to share files with others in the organization
  • How to share files with people outside the organization
  • How to create a site or other location for collaboration with others

Your users need to learn how to do these tasks in SharePoint and OneDrive. The resources in this article can help users learn how to do these and other tasks. If you have specific business processes around these tasks, you may need to create separate documentation for your users to incorporate that.

If you are using both your existing solution and Microsoft 365 during your rollout, consider how users navigate back and forth and include that in the guidance you give your users.

Consider these options for helping your users navigate the transition to SharePoint and OneDrive:

  • Office hours where users can attend or call in to ask questions.
  • Special support channels for users in the process of migrating to SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • Single-page or brief printouts or electronic documents that give steps to core tasks.
  • Before and after guidance that shows the old and new way of doing tasks.

Resources for your users

The training resources in this section can help your users learn the everyday tasks they need to know to be successful with SharePoint and OneDrive.

Getting started

These resources can help your users learn the basics of SharePoint and OneDrive.

SharePoint help & learning

OneDrive help & learning

Get started with OneDrive

Should I save files to OneDrive or SharePoint?

Save a file to a SharePoint library

Protect your files by saving them to OneDrive

Transfer files to your personal OneDrive with the Mover Transfer Wizard


OneDrive training - Intro to OneDrive

SharePoint training - SharePoint Quick Start

SharePoint video training

Use OneDrive in Microsoft 365

Collaboration spaces

If you choose to allow your users to create SharePoint sites and other related collaboration spaces such as teams, these resources can help them learn how.


Collaborate with SharePoint in Microsoft 365


These references can help your users learn how to use the sharing and collaboration options in SharePoint and OneDrive.

Share SharePoint files or folders

Share OneDrive files and folders

SharePoint sharing and permissions

Share and collaborate with OneDrive

Viva Learning

Viva Learning is a centralized learning hub in Microsoft Teams where your users can discover, share, recommend, and learn from content libraries provided by both your organization and others. Viva Learning makes it easy to create learning resources for your users about how to use OneDrive and SharePoint in your organization.

For more information about Viva Learning, see Overview of Microsoft Viva Learning and Viva Learning Overview.

Next steps

Plan for SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365