Step 3: Copy to migrations tab for Dropbox migration

After a Dropbox account has been scanned and determined ready, add it to your migration list.

  1. Select the Migrations tab. The table will list all users that have been copied to migration.

    Migrations tab

  2. Select the users that are ready to be added to the migrations list.

  3. Select Copy to migrations

    Dropbox copy to migrations confirm

    You can also select multiple users.

    Dropbox copy to migration multiple users

  4. Select the Migrations tab, and proceed to the next step.

    Migrations tab

Step 4: Review destinations


Migration Manager Dropbox isn't available for users of Office 365 operated by 21Vianet in China.

This feature is also not supported for users of the Government Cloud, including GCC, Consumer, GCC High, or DoD.